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Fiesta de fin de año en San Diego

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Actualmente me encuentro en San Diego por trabajo, anoche se celebro la fiesta de fin de año de la empresa a la que me enviaron. Les dejo el extracto del blog interno acerca del tema:

“This year’s IAI holiday party was pretty fun. There was plenty of gambling and appetizers. Jason was all suited up and our Scott looked pimped out. Lee was glued to the Roulette table and was one of the night’s high rollers. I unfortunately lost all my chips at the poker table, how could this have happened? Tommy was the Poker King for most of the night though Greg took Jack’s money at poker, hopefully he still has a job.

When it was time for the prizes, your remaining chips turned into raffle tickets. Luckily my wife (Erica) had all her chips so we were in the running for some prizes. The restaurant’s microphone was on the fritz so the voice sounded like Darth Vader on crack. The final and biggest prize were premium (super expensive) Chargers vs. Denver tickets which went to the lucky Javier Arias.

Although I had three Long Island Ice Teas and was kinda buzzed, I do have a vivid memory of having a great time.

Here are some photos from the IAI Holiday Party.

Sean Dreilinger has a more extensive photo collection.

Porfa perdonen la falta de acentos, tengo un teclado en ingles 😛



  1. Pedazo de filho!!
    Encima que te vas gratarola te ganas el “super expensive biggest prize”!
    Aguante cabeza, la vida te sonríe!

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